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Cape Fear Sierrans-

Action Alert 2022!

In early December, The New Hanover County Planning Board voted 5-1 to block a new zoning district that would enable the developer to proceed with a $500 million project - the Villages at Battleship Point. The development as proposed will be located on eight acres on the west bank of the Cape Fear across from the northern end of Riverwalk.

The New Hanover County Commission will make a final decision on the new zoning district on January 10, 4:00 PM at the New Hanover County Court House. If the Commission changes the present Unified Development Ordinance allowing intense development in a flood plain by adopting Riverfront Urban Mixed Use Zoning (RUMXZ), the Commission overrides Article 9 Flood Hazard Avoidance, ignoring climate change and sea level rise resiliency.

Actions To Push Back on the Consequences of Adopting the RUMXZ

  1. Write to your county commissioners emphasizing exposing commercial and residential patrons, county resources and financial sustainability and investors’ capital to present and future unacceptable risks. Use the “opposition points” and commissioners’ email addresses below to send letters before the Monday, January 10 meeting.

Commissioners’ Email Addresses

    Julia Olson-Boseman:

Jonathan Barfield:

Deb Hays:

Bill Rivenbark:

Rob Zapple:


2. Attend the press conference at Battleship Park on Wednesday,

January 5, 11:00 AM


 3. Attend the County Commissioners’ Meeting on Monday,

     January 10, 4:00 PM at the New Hanover County Courthouse


4. Share this information! Get family, neighbors, and friends involved in these actions.

Points to Emphasize in Opposing the Development of Peter Point AKA Battleship Point

(provided by Roger Shew)

Location, Location, Location

The proposed RUMXZ zoning district for Peter Point would place our residents, economy, and environment at risk.

Peter Point has wetland soils and lies within an active FEMA designated flood plain exposed to both tidal and river flooding. It is identified as such in the New Hanover County 2016 Comprehensive Plan.

Why would the county even consider a high-density urban development that exists nowhere else in New Hanover County and is not a permitted zoning district in the recently adopted UDO:

• in an active FEMA designated floodplain!

• in a location very susceptible to both ocean flooding from sea level rise and hurricanes and to river flooding from upstream rain events.

• on a small isolated 8 acre parcel of land on a dead end road.

• Across from historic downtown Wilmington and very much in the view shed for tourists and locals strolling on the Riverwalk.


The developers indicated that DOT will be responsible for raising the access road. Why should tax payers pay for DOT to raise an access road and maintain it in wetland soils subject to frequent flooding?

Why should taxpayers pay for water, sewer, and electricity upgrades and maintenance after flooding events and for public safety during flooding?


Additional Points to Emphasize Based on the NHC Comprehensive Plan

(provided by Brayton Willis)

The proposed zoning district and development is in direct conflict with UDO Article 9: Flood Damage Prevention, Section 9.3. It is the purpose of this article to promote health, safety, and general welfare and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions within flood prone areas.

Goals: From the NHC 2016 Comprehensive Plan:

• Promote Environmentally Responsible Growth • Promote Fiscally Responsible Growth

• Conserve Environmentally Critical Area

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