Methyl bromide 

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Time frame: April 2nd  - May 6th

Hearing date: May 3rd 2018 at 7pm

Location:  Acme Delco Middle School, 26133 Andrew Jackson Hwy., Delco, NC 28436

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Malec Brothers Transport, LLC Air Permit


  • Malec Brothers Transportation, LLC is requesting an air permit for a Methyl Bromide fumigation facility in Delco, Columbus County, NC.

  • While Methyl Bromide is a Hazardous Air Pollutant (Title V), the USDA has exceptions for when this chemical can be used.

  • According to USDA requirements Malec is proposing to use this chemical to fumigate goods being exported overseas. The goods are stored in shipping containers and are treated with methyl bromide.

  • Methyl bromide use has been all but eliminated except for use as a fumigant for export. It was cited by the Montreal Protocol causing serious damage to stratospheric ozone.

  • Methyl bromide is a strong neurotoxin, colorless, odorless and more than 3 time as dense ast air.

Methyl Bromide Fact Sheet


  • Methyl bromide is a dangerous cumulative poison. First symptoms often are due to damage to the nervous system, and may be delayed from 48 hours to as long as several months after exposure. This delay, combined with methyl bromide's lack of odor, means that the victim may not realize that exposure is occurring until much time has passed.

  • Fumigation is a process used on logs that are being sent overseas to be milled into lumber. The logs are treated with methyl bromide, a toxic chemical designed to kill any insects or other living things on or in the logs. Once the seven-hour treatment is complete, the methyl bromide is released into the air.