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Cape Fear Sierra Club Monthly Meetings 

When: Tuesday, September 26th,

            Free pizza @ 6pm, Program @ 6:30pm

Where: Halyburton Park, 4099 S 17th Street


Programs are free and open to the public and you do not have to be a member to attend. Free parking is available.


Bring a friend or two. You’ll be glad you did!


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Check out some of our favorite past meeting guests and topics below!

Jannuary 21, 2019

As our local Cape Fear Group of the North Carolina Sierra Club plan for 2019, Please join us for a community Conversation about our changing climate.

our climate resolutions.JPG

November 19, 2018

Plastics Ocean Project

Speaker:  Bonnie Montelone, Executive Director

As the Director of Science, Research and Academic Partnerships for Plastic Ocean Project, Inc. as well as the Executive Director, Bonnie Monteleone is a researcher who has collected plastic marine samples globally including four of the five main ocean gyres, the Caribbean, and has extended this work to Pyramid Lake, outside of Reno, Nevada.  Monteleone completed her first field study exploration in the North Atlantic Gyre in July 2009 in collaboration with  Maureen Conte, PhD. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science (BIOS). In the fall of 2009, Monteleone accompanied Algalita Marine Research Foundation’s 10-year resampling of the North Pacific Gyre, quantifying the rate of plastic marine debris growth to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, sampling a transect of 3,460 nautical miles (nm).

Political Update From the North Carolina Chapter

September 17, 2018

Speaker: Wes Wallace

Wes Wallace is  member of the Orange/Chatham Sierra Group and  member of the North Carolina Sierra Political Committee. In a fast paced presentation he’ll discuss the current status of environmental politics on the local, state and national levels.  He’ll review how the political status of the environment got so bad so quickly in our state.  Finally, he’ll focus on the unique and real opportunity that Sierrans and their allies have to turn environmental politics around in the upcoming 2018 elections. 


Wes is a long time member of Sierra, an emergency physician at UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine.  He teaches the wilderness first aid course for the Sierra outings leaders, is an eager outdoors person and a former river guide on the Texas Rio Grande River. 

Carson Wood Preparing Nesting Site

 Rising Sea Levels
 March 19, 2018

 Speaker:  Dr. Robert Parr

Dr. Robert Parr an Emergency Medical physician retired after 33 years of medical practice in New Hanover County, is our guest speaker. Dr. Parr will present a program on rising sea levels in New Hanover County and the efforts needed by state and federal officials to address the continuing problem 
and plan for the future.


Dr. Parr has lived on the shores of Howe Creek with his wife Pam and family since 1984. Prior to medical school, Dr. Parr was an Oceanographic Consultant with a master's degree in Biological Oceanography from Oregon State University.

February 19,2018--


David Ingram, Sustainability Program Manager with the City of Wilmington Public Services Department will Present a program on Recycling in Wilmington. 

Monthly Meeting about  Red Cockaded Woodpecker one of the first birds protected under the Endangered Species Act

November 20, 2017

Where:  Halyburton Park,  4099 S 17th St, Wilmington, NC 28412

TIme:  free pizza 6:00 PM  Program starts 6:30 PM


TITLE: Red-cockaded Woodpeckers in Southeastern North Carolina: Past, Present, Future


Carson Wood is an Environmental Scientist for Land Management Group, Inc where he specializes in threatened and endangered species surveying and management.

Additionally he is the co-founder of Coastal Plain Conservation Group where he serves as the Red-cockaded Woodpecker adviser. 

Carson is a 5th generation biologist, so his profession and passion for the natural world was unavoidable. Carson lives in Castle Hayne with his girlfriend Amber and their two dogs, one cat, one parrot, two snakes, and several fish.

October 16, 2017

Where:  Halyburton Park,  4099 S 17th St, Wilmington, NC 28412

TIme:  free pizza 6:00 PM  Program starts 6:30 PM

Legislative Update with NC Sierra Lobbyist

Cassie Gavin is Director of Government Relations for the

NC Chapter of the Sierra Club. She's an attorney and

studied at UNC School of Law.

Click here for Cassie's Bio



Conservation Update

meet Ben Barnes, NC Conservation Chair to learn more about our state's conservation priorities.

September 16, 2017

Join our members for a duo presentation by our local Audbon and Native Plant Societies.  

Speakers will be:  Charlie Winterbaur and Michae Abicht

Free pizza starts at 6 pm with program starting at 6:30

MEETING:  April 17, 2017

WHERE:  Halyburton Park, 4099 S. 17th St Wilmington NC

TIME:  6 PM Free Pizza,  Program Starts at 6:30 PM

TOPEC:  Travelogue featuring adventures in New Zealand, Iceland, and bike touring in Europe.

Presentations by Olivia Setser - our current intern -  Austin McGrayne, and Eric Vithalani.

MEETING: March 20, 2017

WHERE:  Halyburton Park, 4099 S. 17th St Wilmington NC

TIME:  6 PM Free Pizza,  Program Starts at 6:30 PM

SPEAKER: Christine Hughes (Click here for Bio)


TOPIC: The Create Wilmington Comprehensive Plan.

Cities are ever changing and evolving places, and Christine Hughes helps the city of Wilmington manage this process. As manager of the Comprehensive Planning and Design group, she lead the development of the city’s first contemporary comprehensive plan. The Create Wilmington Comprehensive Plan, for which the city was awarded the 2016 Marvin Collins Award for Comprehensive Planning.

MEETING: February 20, 2017

WHERE:  Halyburton Park, 4099 S. 17th St Wilmington NC

TIME:  6 PM Free Pizza,  Program Starts at 6:30 PM


Methane the other Greenhouse Gas and the Atlantic Coasts Pipeline

When science considers greenhouse gases, methane is the second on the list behind carbon dioxide. Pollock will discuss the physical chemistry, production, emissions, regulations and transportation issues including the Atlantic Coast Pipeline that surround this #2 green house gas.

Speaker:  David Pollock Click here for Bio.

Email me for copy of powerpoint

MEETING: January 16, 2017

WHERE:  Halyburton Park, 4099 S. 17th St Wilmington NC

TIME:  6 PM Free Pizza,  Program Starts at 6:30 PM

TOPiC:   "It Is the Small Things, The Disappearance of the Honeybee."

SPEAKER: Karen Edgar

About Karen:

Karen is a native North Carolinian who grew up on a 40 acre farm near Asheville and traveled the world with her soldier husband and children before retiring in Wilmington. She manages 52 hives in two counties.

November 21 2016  6 PM  Halyburton Park 4099 S. 17th St, Wilmington
Restoring Bradley and Hewletts Creeks Through Community Partnerships and Voluntary Participation
Speaker:  Geoff Goss  (click here for complete Bio)

Our local tidal creeks are polluted by bacteria-laden runoff. Every time it rains, more and more bacteria washes into our waterways via streets, driveways, and other impervious surfaces. This causes shellfish closures and swimming advisories. But it wasn’t always this way. Before development of New Hanover County, bacterial pollution was relatively low. How can we combat this problem while accepting the fact that more and more people wish to live in and around Wilmington? In Restoring Bradley and Hewletts Creeks Through Community Partnerships and Voluntary Participation, Geoff Goss will discuss this problem in detail, using humor and a little common sense to shed light on the issues while providing solutions that every property owner can use.

 Speaker Laura Padgett:  Future Transportation Plans in Wilmington


Monday October 17 - Halyburton Park - 4099 S. 17th Street, Wilmington

Laura Padgett served on the Wilmington City Council for over twenty years.  During her tenure, she focused largely on historic preservation and transportation issues.  And in 2006, Padgett was instrumental in the passing of the Parks & Green Space Bond.  In addition to her role on the council, she serves on the Metropolitan Planning Organization and Wave Transit Board.

She will share the future plans for transportation in and out of Wilmington with a focus on the rail relocation project.

Monthly Meeting September 19 2016


The City of Wilmington Parks Bond referendum is on the November 8, 2016 election ballot.  Why a bond?  Citizens have told us additional parks and improvements to existing parks are important to them: the 3rd ranked priority behind bike/walking trails and traffic.   (Click here for more information about the Bond and projects)

Speaker: Amy Beatty  (Click here for complete Bio)

Amy Beatty

Community Services Director

City of Wilmington

Community Services Department

Monday, October 17, 6:00pm-7:30pm

Rail Relocation Project. 
Speaker, Laura Padgett, Former member Wilmington City Council

Monday, November 21, 6:00pm-7:30pm

Heal Our Waterways

Heal Our Waterways, Wilmington City Initiative to Clean Up Bradley and Hewletts Creek. 
Speaker Geoff Goss, Project Coordinator

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