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Established in 1970, the North Carolina Chapter advocates across the state and in our capitol, from the mountains to the coast, for a clean, healthy North Carolina safe for both current and future citizens. The Chapter has over 15,000 members and 14 local groups across the state, a statewide office in downtown Raleigh, and a field office in Asheville. In our nearly 40 year history in the state, the North Carolina Chapter has worked to pass groundbreaking environmental legislation on both the local and national level. Past issues range from putting an end to hog waste pollution to protecting the integrity of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Currently, we are:

      1) Protecting North Carolina's fragile coastline and mountain ecosystems.

      2) Pushing for healthy air and enforceable pollution control standard.

      3) Improving and connecting the state's public transportationinfrastructure.

      4) Fighting to bring clean energy solutions to North Carolina.

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